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08/27/2011seeking for flexible deployment and configuration tool for rails, nodejs, php, java, redis, mongodb, mySQL & etc…

Seems that such just does not exists… or at least not in the form as most of developers _expect_ it.

Therefore on the trails to be yet another deployment solution here are the essentials to be soon a full featured first of its kind deployment manager:

_just for the record_

07/07/2011https SSL / TLS REST requests trusting all certificates in java jersey client = https SSL / TLS REST requests trusting all certificates in java jersey client

06/23/2011Skype chat: Available commands: /me [tex…

Skype chat: Available commands:
/me [text]
/topic [text]
/add [skypename+]
/alertson [text]
/get creator
/get role
/whois [skypename]
/setrole [skypename] MASTER|HELPER|USER|LISTENER
/kick [skypename]
/kickban [skypename]
/get uri
/get guidelines
/get xguidelines
/set guidelines [text]
/get options
/set options [[+|-]flag] ..
/setpassword [password] [password hint]
/get password_hint
/get banlist
/get allowlist
/set banlist [[+|-]mask] ..
/set allowlist [[+|-]mask] ..
For more help please see

skype chat

06/03/2011Techbrowser tiny features on the way

First and most important will come upgraded graph view experiment (mainly based on thejit’s HyperTree)

Techbrowser is also on the way to become ‘editable’ place, as every link and its tags will be manageable after initial url save. Wikipedia like concept of data management.

And last but not least – the initial style and later on ‘playground’ used to create the techbrowser’s look and feel today(heavy augmented by contribution of Veronica Mihaylova) will get resurrected. That means one thing – techbrowser will be able to provide better search expirience based on google’s search results and provide better yet human driven targeted link structuring, categorization and grouping.

And just for the log:

05/12/2011Techbrowser now “learns”

Well, not quite yet. But one step further.

latest: techbrowser has an extention to chrome upgrade too, as well as that new words/tags are taken into account once entered and remembered for further additions of urls and their tags parsing.

So here is a quick usage guide.

1) open up techbrowser search interface
2) click tab and start typing search tags. (for example “javascript database mongodb”)

[adding via search interface :) ]
1) open up techbrowser interface
2) paste in any url (for example “” )
3) type in any additional tags
4) save and voala

[adding via add interface]
0) install the chrome (only) extension from techbrowser
1) click on the circle-black “+” button
2) type in any additional tags
3) save

PS. I was hoping that this kind of project goes fast & furious… Sadly the reality seems different but I’m happy that most of the interesting stuff is still along the way :)

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