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10/23/2011seeking for flexible package manager sol…

seeking for flexible package manager solution, usable for expressphp ( expresjs clone to php ) & php5boilerplate solution:
has good points

as well as

but that just hits all:
_just for the record_

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05/28/2011just improved techbrowser’s graphView i…

just improved techbrowser’s graphView in UX terms, and found one old link while browsing: service -> the link itself: – Reclaim your inbox and send your application errors to our hosted service

05/16/2011Just released first version of techbrows…

Just released first version of techbrowser with 2 new additions.

1) It is not a big deal, but provided rather unexpected results :)

Javascript related content in techbrowser = 286 links and tags in total

Php related links contained in techbrowser = 122 links and tags in total

Python related links contained in techbrowser = 112 links and tags in total

Ruby related links contained in techbrowser = 105 links and tags in total

2) this time expected is an important addition feature:
From this moment onwards, if a proposed tag is removed by user – techbrowser will learn that, and won’t show the ‘mismatched’ tag anymore for similar kind of links & their content.

05/14/2011 – n… – nice evening surpise (just after an Open Coffee meeting).

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05/14/2011Screens of techbrowser graph so far:…

Screens of techbrowser graph so far: