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06/03/2011Techbrowser tiny features on the way

First and most important will come upgraded graph view experiment (mainly based on thejit’s HyperTree)

Techbrowser is also on the way to become ‘editable’ place, as every link and its tags will be manageable after initial url save. Wikipedia like concept of data management.

And last but not least – the initial style and later on ‘playground’ used to create the techbrowser’s look and feel today(heavy augmented by contribution of Veronica Mihaylova) will get resurrected. That means one thing – techbrowser will be able to provide better search expirience based on google’s search results and provide better yet human driven targeted link structuring, categorization and grouping.

And just for the log:

05/28/2011just improved techbrowser’s graphView i…

just improved techbrowser’s graphView in UX terms, and found one old link while browsing: service -> the link itself: – Reclaim your inbox and send your application errors to our hosted service

05/16/2011Just released first version of techbrows…

Just released first version of techbrowser with 2 new additions.

1) It is not a big deal, but provided rather unexpected results :)

Javascript related content in techbrowser = 286 links and tags in total

Php related links contained in techbrowser = 122 links and tags in total

Python related links contained in techbrowser = 112 links and tags in total

Ruby related links contained in techbrowser = 105 links and tags in total

2) this time expected is an important addition feature:
From this moment onwards, if a proposed tag is removed by user – techbrowser will learn that, and won’t show the ‘mismatched’ tag anymore for similar kind of links & their content.

05/14/2011Screens of techbrowser graph so far:…

Screens of techbrowser graph so far:

05/14/2011Screenshot of Techbrowser, just for the …

Screenshot of Techbrowser, just for the record.