05/14/2011Screens of techbrowser graph so far:…

Screens of techbrowser graph so far:

05/14/2011Screenshot of Techbrowser, just for the …

Screenshot of Techbrowser, just for the record.

05/13/2011Little stats for techbrowser – 263 links…

Little stats for techbrowser

  • 263 links stored so far
  • 46 tags gathered
  • 205 tag proposals recorded up till now.
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05/12/2011Techbrowser now “learns”

Well, not quite yet. But one step further.

latest: techbrowser has an extention to chrome upgrade too, as well as that new words/tags are taken into account once entered and remembered for further additions of urls and their tags parsing.

So here is a quick usage guide.

1) open up techbrowser search interface
2) click tab and start typing search tags. (for example “javascript database mongodb”)

[adding via search interface :) ]
1) open up techbrowser interface
2) paste in any url (for example “http://nosql-database.org/” )
3) type in any additional tags
4) save and voala

[adding via add interface]
0) install the chrome (only) extension from techbrowser
1) click on the circle-black “+” button
2) type in any additional tags
3) save

PS. I was hoping that this kind of project goes fast & furious… Sadly the reality seems different but I’m happy that most of the interesting stuff is still along the way :)

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05/09/2011forum software “evolution” from 1994 t…

forum software “evolution” from 1994 to today seems this -> http://www.forum-software.org/forum-software-timeline-from-1994-to-today

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